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Storybook Ballet Mini Session Photos 2019

WinterSpring Session:

  • $275 paid in full upon registration (includes a $20 nonrefundable registration fee)
  • OR, $156 paid upon registration and $119 due by your child’s first class
  • If you enroll after the start of the session, the tuition is automatically prorated

Sibling Discount:

After the 1st child, $20 off for each additional sibling.

Late Fee:

A $2.00 late fee is charged per class held after the due date.

Return Check Fee:


Credit Policy:

Credits will not be made after the 3rd week of classes. Credits will not be offered for Summer Camps. Credits include a $20 nonrefundable registration fee and are based on the remaining number of classes. Credits are nontransferable.

Behavior Policy:

Storybook Ballet strives to provide a warm and welcoming learning environment such that our young dancers can learn the art of beginning classical ballet. If a student is unable to follow the teacher’s instructions or behaves in a distracting manner, we may withdraw the student. If a student is unable to stay with the flow of the lesson (ex. sit when class is sitting, stand when class is standing), we may withdraw the student.