Storybook Ballet
726 N Midvale Boulevard, Suite B20     Madison, WI 53705
Located in the lower level of Hilldale

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a ballet class or program?

Registration is available online! Please go to the REGISTER page, select the Season and Class Type, click on the REGISTER NOW box, and you will be linked to our online registration software.

What if I register by mail and my class choices are full?

When we receive registrations by mail, we will email you to confirm class availability. If your class choice is full, we will discuss waiting list options or alternate classes. 

What attire does my child need for ballet class?

Attire information is listed on our Class Information page. We recommend Rosy Cheeks Dancewear in Monona for all of their dance wear needs.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept check or cash payments. We do offer a payment plan for families that would prefer to pay a partial amount upon registering. Payment must be included with the registration form. 

How do I schedule a make up class?

Please view the Class Schedule and select one or two options (same level) that work with your schedule. Submit a Make Up Request Form (found in our lobby or on our Class Schedule page, send us an email, or call the studio and let us know the day of the absence, what class or classes might work, and what day you are hoping to do the make up. We will then check our master roll sheets and let you know if there is availability. Students are also welcome to double up in a week if you will be gone for an entire week. Make up classes are not guaranteed and are solely based on availability. Students are welcome to one make up class per session.

What about boys?

Boys are always welcome at Storybook Ballet! Our professional teachers have experience working with both genders and strive to make each individual child feel comfortable exploring ballet. Our fairytales have characters and costumes that will bring out the hero or prince in any boy! 

Where are you located in Hilldale?

Our ballet school is located in the lower level of Hilldale at the north end of the mall. We recommend parking in front of Metcalfe’s, or in the north parking lot behind Pasqual’s. Enter through Metcalfe’s and locate the stairs or elevator at south end of the store. Head downstairs and turn to your left. We are at the end of the hallway. 

Are you on Facebook?

Absolutely! Like us to receive information on registration dates, class happenings and ballet news. 

What if my child does not like ballet class? Can I get a refund?

Honestly, we rarely have a child who doesn’t like their Storybook Ballet class! What we do experience, on occasion, is young children who aren’t quite ready to separate from their parents and are not able to immerse themselves in the class due to separation concerns. Should this occur, your child’s teachers will work with you on a plan to help them feel comfortable coming into the class. We encourage new families to attend at least 3 weeks of ballet classes, as the child often just needs to observe a class or two before they feel ready to participate. If, during those 3 weeks, no progress has been made, we can offer you a credit on the remaining number of classes (minus a $20 nonrefundable portion) in hopes that your child will try it again in the future. Typically, waiting a session or two is all it takes for a child who was initially hesitant to blossom into an enthusiastic member of our program! 

My child will turn 3 during the session. Can I enroll her now?

Our policy is that the child must turn 3 before the start of the session. Please feel free to visit our studio just before they turn 3 to observe a class or speak with one of our teachers. You may contact us to set up an appointment or visit at your convenience and observe one of our ballet classes through our observation windows.

How can I be sure my child is ready for your ballet classes?

While 3 years-old and potty trained are our objective bench marks for accepting children into our classes, there are several more subjective achievements that children do not necessarily attain on the precise date of their 3rd birthday. While we find that most children who have recently celebrated turning 3 years-old do well in our classes, some need a little more time to make sure they have reached the following expectations physically, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Physically, children need to have the body awareness to consciously isolate their different body parts (knees, fingers, toes). Our classes also expect that children can control their movement and positions long enough to sit reasonably still during our 3-5 minute story-reading portion of the class, and to stay on their mat while we do our circle exercises. Successful potty-training gives us a good idea of whether this physical control has been gained, but sometimes even rock star underpants-wearers need a little more time to make sure they can keep their bodies where they want them.

Behaviorally, children in our 3-4 year old classes should be able to follow a 2-part direction (i.e. “tip toe to the wall, and then sit down criss-cross applesauce”) when they begin our classes, as we work toward 3 and 4-part directions as we progress. In general, we expect that our students can follow the simple and kind directions that are given to the class as a whole…not perfectly, but at least 80% of the time without a personal reminder. Each students’ ability to follow the flow of our class (which is completely consistent from week to week) is very important for the class to run smoothly, and without negatively affecting the other children’s experience in the class.  Learning to follow simple, logical, rules and directions is something we work on as a class, but we prefer that students begin our classes with the readiness to work on these skills.

Emotionally, children need to be able to separate from their caregiver without so much trouble that it worries the rest of the children, or takes a lot of the teachers’ time and focus away from teaching the rest of the class. We will work with families on making these transitions comfortable for everyone, but in the event that a child’s crying in class is frightening the other children or overwhelming the focus of the class, we may need to give that child more time to feel comfortable by waiting another semester before they begin class. We never want ballet class to be a negative or scary experience for a small child, so if waiting for a little more separation confidence is what’s needed, we feel it’s well worth the wait!

In general, Storybook Ballet is structured to gently teach and use these school-readiness skills, allowing the children to fully engage and enjoy their ballet classes.  As we work with our young 3’s and 4’s, we introduce, reinforce, and encourage consistent awareness of these skills and enjoy watching young dancers quickly improve from one class to the next. A child who experiences a rocky first class may only need another week or two to adjust so they can go with the flow of the class. However, if after 3 weeks of class, we don’t see progress being made in one or more of these areas, we may recommend withdrawing (we will credit the tuition for the remaining classes and withhold a $20 nonrefundable portion) and waiting for the next session to try again.

Have additional questions about our ballet school? Feel free to contact Stoybook Ballet and ask!