Storybook Ballet — Dance into the Fairytale

At Storybook Ballet, your child’s spirit comes alive through music and dance, while the magic of children’s stories inspires their imagination. Adorned in handmade costumes, your dancer transforms into the lead character of a storybook and dramatizes the tale through enchanting choreography.

During our classes, ballet basics are mastered while pointing toes as a princess. Coordination and balance are enhanced while leaping through the jungle as a lion. Creative expression blossoms while fluttering as a fairy. Every week, our children’s ballet classes combine a new story, new costumes and new choreography to give your child the unforgettable experience of dancing into the fairytale …

What makes Storybook Ballet the premiere place for children's dance classes in Madison, WI?

    • A Ballet Focus: Our focus is precise; we specialize in teaching children ballet fundamentals and have fun while we do it!
    • Small Class Sizes: Individualized attention is our goal. That’s why our children's ballet classes are always kept small. With two instructors per class, our young students receive focused, hands-on instruction.
    • Non-recital/Non-competition Focus: Our focus is teaching age-appropriate ballet technique in a warm and nurturing environment. We focus on the fundamentals of classical ballet rather than focusing on learning choreography.
    • Costume Charisma: Our delightful costumes are handmade and unique to our studio. With all of the costumes being provided, there are no recital costume costs to worry about.
    • The Perfect Start: Children's dance classes at Storybook Ballet are the perfect way to expose your child to the magical world of dance!

Fall Registration Start Dates:

July 8th: Previous Fall 2023, WinterSpring 2024, & Summer 2024 families

July 15th: New and previous (prior to Fall 2023) families

We cannot wait to leap and pirouette with your dancer! Questions or concerns?? We'd love to hear from you!