Storybook Ballet — Dance into the Fairytale

At Storybook Ballet, your child’s spirit comes alive through music and dance, while the magic of children’s stories inspires their imagination. Adorned in handmade costumes, your dancer transforms into the lead character of a storybook and dramatizes the tale through enchanting choreography.

During our classes, ballet basics are mastered while pointing toes as a princess. Coordination and balance are enhanced while leaping through the jungle as a lion. Creative expression blossoms while fluttering as a fairy. Every week, our children’s ballet classes combine a new story, new costumes and new choreography to give your child the unforgettable experience of dancing into the fairytale …

What makes Storybook Ballet the premiere place 
for children's dance classes in Madison, WI?

  • Company History: Dancers have been getting their start here for over 16 years!
  • Perfect Programming: Our carefully developed curriculum is age appropriate, enhancing the natural enjoyment that young children have for music and dance.
  • A Ballet Focus: Our focus is precise; we specialize in teaching ballet fundamentals and have fun while we do it!
  • Small Class Sizes: Individualized attention is our goal. That’s why our children's ballet classes are always kept small. With two instructors per class, our young students receive focused, hands-on instruction.
  • Professional Instruction: Our instructors are experienced dancers and carry a dance background. They are highly adept at working with children, as they do it all day long!
  • Flexible Class Offerings: Children's dance classes are offered throughout the day, as well as evenings and weekends. Class schedules run by semester, with registration occurring separately for the fall, winter/spring, and summer sessions.
  • Costume Charisma: Our delightful costumes are handmade and unique to our studio. With all of the costumes being provided, there are no recital costume costs to worry about.
  • The Perfect Start: Children's dance classes at Storybook Ballet are the perfect way to expose your child to the magical world of dance!

Register For Winter/Spring!

Winter/Spring 2017 Children's Ballet Class Registration Start Dates:

November 7- Current students staying in same class. We will also accept forms for current students wishing to change classes, but we will not start working on those registrations until Nov. 14. If you do not turn in a registration form this week, then your spot may be taken by someone who hopes to switch into that class.

November 14- This week we will register current students that are trying to switch into different classes.

November 21- Previous and New Students may register by mail. We will contact you upon processing your registration. You may call ahead to check the availability of the class you are interested in. The website will not initially show availability of the classes.

Please do not register prior to November 7th. If you are hoping to advance your child to the next level,  you must receive teacher consent. Very few students will change levels mid year. Space will be limited. The Ballet I and Ballet IB levels are year-round curriculums. We do not move students into these levels in the middle of the school year.

Download the Registration Form for Winter/Spring Dance Classes

See why ballet classes are a great option when kids are going back to school in this video on